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—————— 独立口语Task 1 ——————

1.If the school doesn’t allow students to take cellphones with them when they come to school, what would be the influence of this policy?

2.Which of the following has the greatest impact on students’ life?

    1) electronic books

    2) smart phones

    3) online courses

3. There is going to have students'TV show. Which show would you like to watch? Please Give your reasons.

    1) Interview school leaders

    2) Students’ debate on political and social topics

    3) Comedy about school life

4.Which of the following groups would you like to join: campus newspaper, hiking club or dorm improvement committee?

5. Which of the following classes you are more interested in:

    1)world economics

    2)environmental science

    3)art history

6. If you can have a part-time job at the university, what position would you choose: a lab assistant, a campus tour guide or a library assistant?

7. If your university is going to invite someone to give a speech, who do you think they should invite? A businessman, a scientist or a politician?

8.What would you advise somebody who was planning to come to your country to study?

9.Which one do you think is more important? The process of doing something or the result at the end?

10. Children would behave negatively before they learn how to appropriately. Which of the following behavior would you consider to be the most negative behavior of child and why?

    1) Being selfish

    2) Being impolite

    3) Being loud

11.If your friend is a forgetful person who always has trouble remembering important things like deadlines for school assignments. What suggestions do you have for this friend of yours?

12.Which of the following do you think the school should build to improve student life?

    1) swimming pool

    2) cafeteria

    3) library

13.Your university has acquired a piece of land next to the campus. There have been three options for the use of the land. Which do you prefer? Why?

    1) the athletic facilities and stadiums

    2) a park with nature trails

    3) centers for students and hotel for campus guests

14.If one of your friends wants to transfer major from business to music. What advice would you give him?

15.What program would you like to participate in?

    1) teaching kids how to recycle

    2) how to do gardening

    3) how to eat healthier

16.Sometimes people behave impolitely in public. Describe a behavior you find inconsiderate, explain why.

17.What activity do you think can cultivate children's sense of responsibility?

18.Your friend has to work a lot. Please suggest a hobby help him spend his weekend in a more delightful way. Explain why. Please include details and examples in your explanation.

19.When traveling, which of the following will you choose to better learn about a place?

    1) walking on the street

    2) taking an organized trip

    3) visiting museum

20. The university is recruiting volunteers to help the community protect the environment. Which of the following would you choose to do?

    1)Pick up trash and litters on the street;

    2)plant trees and flowers;

    3)teach children about protecting the environment

—————— 独立口语Task 2 ——————

1.When students have questions about an assignment for class, some prefer to ask the professor for help. Others prefer to ask other students in the class for help understanding the assignment. Which do you prefer? Explain why?

2.Do you agree or disagree that it's acceptable for students to disagree with their instructors?

3.Do you agree or disagree that the boss should keep a close friendship with employees?

4.Do you agree or disagree that students would learn more if the teachers assign them with more schoolwork?

5.Female and male university students should have separate residence halls. Do you agree or disagree?

6.How should parents teach their kids to work with others?

7.Do you think universities in the future will one day stop giving lessons in classrooms, but they might give online courses instead?

8.Your school is planning to ban library computers from accessing social media websites. Do you agree or disagree with such a plan?

9.Agree or disagree that students should take some additional courses so that they can get their credits more quickly?

10.Which do you prefer: working for others'company or set up your own business?

11.Some students like to learn by themselves. Others prefer to share their ideas with others. Which one do you prefer?

12.Some students think that they are graded by participating in the discussion class; while others think that they are graded only by written work, such as paper. Which opinion would you prefer and give your reasons.

13.If you have a misunderstanding with your friend, do you prefer talking it out in a public place or in a private place?

14.Some people like to befriend people who share the same opinion. Others like to befriend someone who holds different ideas. Which do you prefer?

15.Which do you think is better? Deciding on your major before entering college or after taking some courses?

16.Which do you prefer? watch a movie silently or chatting with others?

17.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: For the success of business, it is important to be friendly and outgoing?

18.Which one do you agree? Children born with talent should be treated in a different way or they should be treated in the same way as average children.

19.Some people prefer to do take a vacation in cities, and others prefer to spend their vacation in countryside. Which do you prefer? Explain why.

20.Do you agree with the statement: it is easier for people today to lead a healthy life than people of 100 years ago?

—————— 写作综合预测 ——————

1) Children should play and study rather than learn how to do household chores, like cooking and cleaning.

2) If a professor wants students to learn as much as possible about a project in a short period of time, is it better to work in a group or is it better to let students study alone.

3) All university students should be required to take basic science courses even if it is not the field of their study.

4) In their free time, young people aged 14-18 spend time taking part in different activities such as music lessons or competitive sports. Some young people spread their time in different kinds of activities. Other young people spend most of time focusing in one activity that is important. Which approach do you think is the best?

5) Some people think it is the best approach for students to learn if schools start a day at an early time. But others think the school start the day at late time. Which one do you prefer?

6) Your University wants to improve the quality of students’ life in the dormitory. Which would you prefer?

    1. Quiet place for the study

    2. Building exercise room for students to keep physical well being

    3. Space for entertainment

7) Young people should try several different jobs before they take long-term careers.

8) People gain happiness from job itself more than social life.

9) It is better to use your own knowledge and experience to solve problems than to ask other people for advice.

10) the best leader should spend more time listening to other people’s ideas than talk his own ideas.

11) Which kind of jobs would you choose: a high-paying job with long hours or a job with an average pay with normal work hours. Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

12) It is better to travel to foreign countries when you are young than when you are older.

13) People are more willing to help those who they don’t know than they were in the past.

14) What is the most useful action for people to help environment in their local community:

    1. Plant trees and create parks ;

    2. Persuade local shops to stop providing plastic bags to customers;

    3. Increase access to public transportation(such as buses and trains) to reduce cars on the road

15) Some believe that we should spend time away from the people we care about in order to improve relationships, while others think being away from people we care about can damage our relationships with them.

16) It is noly worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life.

17) Playing sports teaches us important lessons about life.

18) It is often not a good idea to move to a new city or a new coutnry because you will lose old friends.

19) In order to attract more tourists, the government should improve the safety by hiring more police or improve the cityscape by improving old buildings and streets.

20) It is important to have rules about the types of clothing that people are allowed to wear at work and at school.

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