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题目:The table shows information about the numbers of Australian people who visit the seven most popular destinations in 1999 and 2009.

Some people think that the money spent by the government in supporting artist (such as painters, musicians and writers) should be spent on other more important things. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
政府是否应该绝对不资助艺术家呢? 或者说,资助艺术家会带来什么好处和坏处呢?

Many people consider any government investment on artists such as painters, musicians, and poets as wasteful because the government should put the tax-payers’money to more crucial things. While I do believe there are things more pivotal than art, I insist that artists should also be financially supported by the government.

Needless to say, the top priority for any government is improving the living standard of its citizens. Paintings, music, and literature are needed by people only when their basic necessities are satisfied. It is hard, therefore, to imagine a government will give immense amount of money to artists when its people are still suffering from poverty.

Yet this does not mean that any investment on artists is a waste of money. In the first place, art can become a lucrative business and bring a lot of revenue to a country, even when it is still poor. India is a good case in point. Its movie industry since 1970s has created millions of jobs and brought tons of money to India in addition to boosting the country’s tourism. Furthermore, art can improve people’s mental state and bring them together, especially when a country is confronted with crisis. The entire United States, for example, was paralyzed right after the 911 terrorist attack, but it quickly recovered from that paralysis, largely because American people were inspired by the artistic works which encourage them to face the reality and move on.
然而这并不意味着对艺术家的任何投资都是在浪费钱。首先,艺术可以成为一门赚钱的生意,给国家带来大量的收入,即使当这个国家还很贫穷的时候。印度就是一个很恰当的例子。自上世纪70 年代以来,其电影产业已给印度创造数以百万计的就业机会,并挣了不计其数的给钱,同时还促进了该国旅游业。此外,艺术可以改善人的心理状态,使他们团结起来,尤其是当一个国家处于危机时。比如,911恐怖袭击后,整个美国处于瘫痪状态,但它很快就从这种瘫痪状态中苏醒过来了,很大程度上就是因为美国人受到艺术作品的鼓舞,这些作品鼓励他们面对现实,继续前进。

Seen in this light, art is anything but useless, for it is not only profitable economically, but also inspiring spiritually. When people’s basic needs are met, art will definitely become an important part of their life. When this happens, the government’s investment on art will become absolutely necessary and relevant.


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