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In some countries around the world men and women are having babies late in life. What are the reasons? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?



Nowadays men and women in many countries decide to have babies at an older age. What are the reasons? What effects does this trend have on society and family life?








When Laura Wade-Gery, the boss of Marks and Spencer gave birth to a baby at 50, it immediately made headline news. As a matter of fact, quite many men and women in some countries nowadays have made up their mind to have kids only late in life. To my mind, this trend of the older parents brings more benefits than harms to both the baby and the parents.


(1) 本段以一个著名的晚育例子引出话题,然后提出自己的观点。当然,你也可以选择用数据来开头,比如A recent survey shows that globally over 40% young couples decide to have kids late in life, while this figure was only 15% twenty years ago. 以这种方式来开头,要好于模板式的开头,比如Nowadays many young people decide to have kids late in life and people have different opinions on this. Some think..., but others believe....

(2) 本文需要不断表达中文里“晚育”的意思,我们用了几种不同的表达:
to have kids late in life;
older parents;
wait to have kids;
put off having kids;
delay having kids;
delayed parenthood.
(3) make headline news 成为头条
(4) make up their mind 决定;决心
(5) to my mind 在我看来;我认为

Couples wait to have kids for many different reasons. To begin with, many young couples are not financially ready for a new member coming to the family. More often than not, the newly married couples have just started their career and are still struggling to make their ends meet, and an additional member would be a great burden. But even if free from financial problems, many young couples still refuse to start a family with kids because they wish to develop their various potentials or experience the world before they have kids. Most importantly, many young people put off having babies because the society has very strong parenthood penalties. A mom, for instance, is less likely to stay up in her office to get ahead if she has a baby at home, the consequence of which is that her chances of promotion become slimmer.

(2)more often than not 经常
(3)make (both) ends meet 量入为出;收支相抵
(4)free from... (=without)没有......;免于......
(5)potential 潜力
(6)penalty 惩罚
(7)get ahead 出人头地
(8)slim 纤细的

Many people argue that the delayed parenthood may pose physical challenges to couples, especially the older mom, and it is quite unfair on the child to have old parents because they probably won’t live long enough to see the child grow up. This may be true, but modern medical technology has significantly reduced the risks involved in birth-giving and equally significantlyprolonged our life span so that the older parents, like their younger counterparts, can just as well accompany their kids in their life’s journey. But on top of that, having kids later in life can be beneficial in unique ways: it is good to the baby because its parents are now financially and emotionally better conditioned ; it is good to the parents because now they have been well established so that they have more time for their kids; it is good to the society because those parents who delay having kids and advance to positions of authority at work now have the power to set policies other older parents would benefit from, like offering paid maternity andpaternity leave or allowing flexible work schedules.

(2)prolong 延长
(3)counterpart 对应的人或物
(4)on top of that 除此之外
(5)position of authority 有权的位置
(6)maternity leave 产假
(7)flexible 灵活的


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