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On the vehicle-free day, private cars, trucks and motorcycles are banned in the city centre while the public transport is permitted such as bicycles, buses and taxis. Do the benefits of the vehicle-free day outweigh the disadvantages?



As you have got accustomed to the annoying noise produced by the cars running along the street, can you imagine a quiet day without cars? Actually this has already been practiced throughout the world. Last year, September 22 was set aside as the “vehicle-free day”, when people were encouraged to walk, ride the bicycle, or take public transportation such as the bus, the taxi and the metro rather than drive their own cars.


(1) 本段为引入段。在本段提供了关于“无车日”的具体信息,并引出话题。很多同学不会写第一段,经常借鉴模板,比如when it comes to the issue that...; with the development of...; there’s a heated discussion on... 这样的开头没有特色,没有个性,很难打动考官。第一段应尽量抛弃模板,用具体个性的语言对题目中的问题或者现象进行描述。
(2) get accustomed to... 习惯于......
(3) annoying 令人厌烦的
(4) set aside (特别地)留出......

Personally, I believe this “vehicle-free day” can bring about a host of positive effects. At the most basic level, people can enjoy a quiet day. Without the cars hustling and roaring, the city will become a much more peaceful and cleaner place to live in, but to most city dwellers, this seems to be a dream that will never come true. What is more, on this special day, the awareness will dawn on people that they should no longer take for granted their life with cars. They will be made to understand that the benefits of driving cars do not come without prices. Cars, for example, emit greenhouse gas, produce huge noises, pollute the air and cause traffic congestion and even dangers that may threaten our lives. Once they realize thesehazards, they may minimize the use of their cars and then the condition of the city will be improved.


(1)本段讨论“无车日”的好处:物质层面上,人们可以过一天好日子;精神层面上,人们会因此认识到开车的害处,然后就可能减少开车,从而改善城市状况。(2)bring about 带来
(3)at the most basic level 在最基本的层面
(4)hustle 忙碌,奔忙
(5)dawn on 让某人明白
(6)take ...for granted 把......视为想当然
(7)traffic congestion 交通堵塞
(8)hazard 危害
(9)minimize 最小化

Undoubtedly, the “vehicle-free day” may also cause problems. The most immediate one is that, when people do not drive their cars, the public transportation system may subject to tremendous pressure. If not planned carefully enough, this well-intentionedday may turn out a disaster to the city commuters. Fortunately, there do exist solutions to this problem. For instance, we can encourage people to ride bicycles or work at home whenever possible on this day.


(1) 本段将“无车日”可能带来的问题及其解决办法。
(2) undoubtedly 无疑问地
(3) subject to... (使)遭受
(4) well-intentioned 好意图的


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